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Congratulations on your Funded PA Account! Be sure you have already gone through the entire Master Training Course for Evaluation Accounts: FOUND HERE.

You must do this training step-by-step BEFORE trading your PA/ Live/ Funded Account


1.  I have passed my Evaluation and Traded the Minimum Days. What now? CLICK HERE.

2. Is there a Trailing Drawdown on a PA?  CLICK HERE.

3. How do payouts work? CLICK HERE.

4.  What if I fail a PA Account?  CLICK HERE.

5. Do I have different connections or log in credentials on a PA Account? No, they are the same as your Evaluation Account.

6. What are the Consistency rules for a PA account compared to an Evaluation Account?  CLICK HERE.

7. What is the difference between a PA and a Live Funded Account? CLICK HERE.

8. Helpful FAQ's and Common Mistakes for PA Traders: CLICK HERE

9. CLICK HERE For more support.



Going over the entire "PA / Funded / Live Accounts" FAQ section and familiarizing yourself with the questions, troubleshooting, tips, and tricks provided is important to be fully prepared for trading your Funded Account.

Use the search field to type in any specific questions and check out all the Sections.

The Help Desk does not have any additional information than what is in the FAQ and they are there to help direct you to the proper section if you are not able to find it on your own.

For the quickest answers and assistance, please utilize the FAQ sections and search fields.  



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