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What Are the Rules for Evaluations? Master Course

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1. Account balance must close at or above the profit goal, without hitting the max drawdown listed for the Evaluation Account you chose. 

Make sure to fully understand the Trailing Threshold Drawdown: CLICK HERE.

2. Trade for a minimum of SEVEN trading days. (They DO NOT need to be consecutive.) 

3. Follow The Code of Conduct. (Be professional) To review The Code of Conduct, CLICK HERE.

4. Do not let someone else trade your account. Do not share your username and password.

5. Always have RTrader/Tradovate open to monitor max drawdown and as a backup to close trades. Learn more by CLICKING HERE.

Once you pass your evaluation, there is nothing for you to do. DO NOT CANCEL the evaluation account you have passed!!!! Stop trading. If your balance goes below the profit target goal, the account will no longer be "passed."

We will email you with the contract and payment link within TWO business days AFTER the seventh day of trading. So be sure to watch your email. For more info, CLICK HERE.


That's it! Very Simple and Basic Rules!


Evaluation Account General Guidelines:

Holding through the close is not permitted. All trades must be closed and all pending orders must be cancelled BEFORE 4:59 PM EST.  

APEX has changed the 4:59 PM EST rule. We will cancel open positions and pending orders attached to a position. You must STILL cancel orders that are not attached to a position or they WILL remain and liquidate the account.

The rule change does not affect markets requiring an earlier close. Traders still need to manually cancel trades on their end.

Note: You must close earlier if the day is a holiday that closes early or if the market closes earlier than normal.


You can trade on holidays if the market is open, but half-day holidays will NOT count as a trading day. It counts towards the next day.

Ags must be closed earlier. To see the rules on when Ags close, see: What Markets Close Earlier Than 4:59 PM ET?


This is a fail-safe feature. You are not meant to use it to close out your trades. You are supposed to close your trades before 4:59pm EST.

There is a possibility your trade won't get closed if you leave it open.

Leaving your account open won't result in failure, but exceeding your threshold on a gap might cause failure.

Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to close your trades.


In case you achieve the goal before the minimum trading days, make sure your account balance stays above the profit goal.

If a failed account is not reset within eight days and the user doesn't have any other active subscriptions, Rithmic will disable the account. Trading your SIM account is no longer possible. You must reset the account within eight days or sign up for a new account.

A negative initial balance upon renewal does not constitute a failed evaluation account, only a negative drawdown. Account must be in a Failed or Blown state to receive a reset upon renewal.


Do not "assume" you know the rules based on some other companies' rules. Make sure you fully understand the rules of Apex Trader Funding. These are the rules we set for evaluations.


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