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Trader Funding is a partnership, like any other business partnership or venture. Assuring that you are partnering with the right person is always a smart business move for both parties involved.

An Evaluation Account is exactly that, an Evaluation. Not just an evaluation of the trader's ability to press buttons, read a chart, and hit a certain profit goal, but also an evaluation of the trader themselves.

Is the trader someone we will want to partner with?

  • Can they show professionalism towards staff, other traders, and Apex Trader Funding, as a company?
  • Do they show the ability to follow procedures, guidelines, and put in effort?
  • Are they a self-starter or a problem solver? Can they handle what a live market would throw at them?
  • Will they have plans in place for back ups and technical trouble shooting to help protect risk capital?

Simply put, if you were going to fund a trader yourself, what type of professionalism and respect would you want to see? Would you want to see effort and time put into the training and guidelines?

Would it be important to you for the trader to fully understand the platform and technology they are using to trade YOUR live money? 

Of course you would! The Code of Conduct is very simple, easy to understand, and abide by. 

Check out this short video for more info on the Code Of Conduct:


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