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Connection Guide for Rithmic Using NinjaTrader

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If you have ANY other version of RTrader installed on your computer, you must uninstall it and the folder as shown here: CLICK HERE.

Download and install our Rithmic RTrader Pro by using this LINK.

Please copy and paste your Rithmic username and password correctly, with no accidental spaces. Your Rithmic username and password can be found in your welcome email or click on “Step 1 Rithmic and Step 2 NinjaTrader Setup and Key” inside your Apex Trader Funding member account  --> HERE  <--


If you are new to NinjaTrader, you will see the window shown below:

Click SKIP.  




Step 1: Rithmic RTrader Pro Settings

  •  Open your RTrader Pro application
  •  Click "Skip Settings" (top right corner)
  •  Leave selective mode turned OFF
  •  Copy and paste your Rithmic ID and password with no accidental spaces.
  •  Your Rithmic ID and password and your NinjaTrader License key are stored--> HERE  <--
  •  Choose System : APEX
  •  Choose Gateway : Chicago Area
  •  Leave market data OFF
  • Click LOGIN and sign the two agreements for ALL NEW USERS upon first log in to RTrader Pro.
  • The agreements are mandatory! (Select NON-PROFESSIONAL)


Step 2: 

DON’T ATTEMPT to set up anything in NinjaTrader until you have followed all the steps above for RTrader and have agreed to the two terms of use and disclosures! 


Download NinjaTrader (or uninstall NT8 from your computer and install version by using this LINK.

  • Open NinjaTrader 8
  • Change the default license key
  • NinjaTrader Control Center > Help > License Key as shown--> as shown HERE.<--

If you have your own license key, please enter yours instead of the one provided to you!

If you already have an existing "Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage" connection, please delete it if no longer needed.

  • NinjaTrader Control Center: Click on Connections > configure > double click Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage (under available)
  • Copy and paste your Rithmic ID as username and password with no accidental spaces
  • Choose system: APEX
  • WARNING: "Connect on startup" must be UNCHECKED
  • WARNING: "Plug-in mode" must be UNCHECKED
  • Click Apply and OK, close NinjaTrader. Re-start NinjaTrader.  Click the connection tab, and select the created connection "My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage".

Anytime you make changes, you need to restart NinjaTrader 8 for the changes to take effect.



  • Uncheck Global SIM under "Tools"
  • Select the account you want to trade in Ninja Chart trader.



Critical: OCO (one cancels other) orders for Rithmic are locally simulated on your PC. This means that NinjaTrader must be connected to your broker in order for the OCO capability to function. If you are disconnected and one of the OCO orders is filled, the other WILL NOT be automatically cancelled.


NOW... You are all set and ready to go!

My connection in Ninja is yellow. / Ninja won't connect:

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