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Set Up and Connection Guide for Tradovate

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Cameron Nish
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You CANNOT convert Rithmic accounts to Tradovate accounts!

DO NOT send in Help Desk tickets asking for this to be done. While you can have both Rithmic and Tradovate accounts for trading, they are not transferable between each other.

This applies to evaluation and PA accounts.  You CANNOT pass an evaluation using a Rithmic account and then choose to trade the resulting PA account with Tradovate, or vice versa.

Resetting the wrong Tradovate account or resetting the same account multiple times, whether by accident or on purpose, will not entitle you to refunds or credits. 

MAKE SURE you are resetting the account you intend to reset. A reset of the wrong account means it's reset.  There's no way to undo or give credit to it. 

Apex is not being mean or taking advantage of you. We want you to be mindful of the account you are resetting. Billing differs between Tradovate and Rithmic.

After receiving your Tradovate login credentials as explained below in Part 2, Step 1 be sure to log in here:

Please use your desktop browser and NOT the app.

Sign the NON-PROFESSIONAL and all other documents before continuing or connecting to anything else!

Failure to complete this step first will cause delayed data and a charge of over $300/month for data.

Note: Activation of the data will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes AFTER you've signed the data agreements, depending on the number of users signing up simultaneously.

This only applies to the first time you signup. 

Don't submit a help desk ticket for non-live data until 90 minutes after the data agreements have expired.

Part 1

1.  Go to and scroll down the page until you see Select Your Tradovate Plan, then click on the Start Now button to purchase the plan.




2.  Once you select your plan, the system will take you to the account creation/checkout screen. If this is the first time you have had an account with Apex Trader Funding, fill out the payment information.

This includes your new account credentials, address, and any coupon code you've received. Be sure to read/accept and FULLY UNDERSTAND the policies, renewal agreement, disclaimers, and disclosures.

Verify you have selected the account you intended to:



3.  If you are an existing Apex Trader Funding customer, log into your account before continuing with checkout:



4.  Once you have finished filling out and submitting your order form, you will receive an email with your new account login information and/or your receipt of the purchase.


5.  Log in to your Apex Trader Funding account with your username and password:




6.  Once logged in, you'll see the account you purchased.  It will look similar to this:


7.  On the right-hand side of the trader dashboard, you will see a section labeled Tradovate Account.  This is your username and password you will use later to login to Tradovate and set up your NinjaTrader Connection to Tradovate.




Part 2 - Log in to Tradovate


1.  Once you have purchased your account(s) on the Apex Trader Funding website, go to this URL: and click "Login." (You may have multiple Tradovate accounts.) You should then see this page:


Copy and paste your username from the Apex Trader Funding Trader Dashboard Tradovate section as shown in Part 1 of this article. Then copy and paste the Tradovate password from the same section into the Password field on the Tradovate page. The click on Login.

NOTE: If you receive an "Invalid Username or Password" error message when trying to log in, MAKE SURE YOU ARE COPYING THE TRADOVATE Username and  Password and NOT THE RITHMIC USERNAME AND PASSWORD.  They are different accounts and credentials and are NOT interchangeable!

Fill out your information and sign the document. 


2. Select Simulation for the Trading Mode:



3. Clicking on the continue button will direct you to the default Tradovate chart and indicator setup, which you will need to customize to your liking.


When you finish trading or want to logout of Tradovate, click on the down arrow next to your account at the top of the screen. Then look at the bottom of the list to find a logout menu item there.  Click it to logout.



To learn more about the Tradovate platform and how to use it, click on the "Tradovate Help" tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.


Tradovate also has desktop and mobile versions of their trading platform. They can be downloaded from the login page or mobile device store.


Use the same credentials as mentioned above to log into those applications.

NOTE: Apex Trader Funding DOES NOT provide support for  the TRADEOVATE WEB, DESKTOP, OR MOBILE PLATFORMS.



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