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Connection Guide for TradingView Using Tradovate

Cameron Nish
Cameron Nish
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You MUST HAVE an active and tradable account.

After you have signed up and logged into your Tradovate account, follow these instructions to activate and login to TradingView.

Failing to follow the instructions given here can result in seeing errors like:

240309 TradingView error 1.png

Or saying something like this: "TradingView Add-On is charging me $9.99! I thought it was free!"


Meeting the requirements allows you to use the TradingView service for free, but you must remember to renew your subscription every month.

When you log in to NinjaTrader/Tradovate for the first time, make sure you select NON-PROFESSIONAL on the Uniform Subscriber Agreement.  Otherwise, you will not receive real-time data and will incur a $300 per month data fee.


Please note that data activation may take between 10 to 90 minutes after signing the agreements, depending on user volume. This only applies to the first time you sign up.  Hold off on submitting a help desk ticket about non-live data until 90 minutes after you have signed the data agreements.



1.  Click on the Tradovate application settings.


2.  Click on the Add-Ons tab, then click on the Activate in the TradingView frame.

Please note: If TradingView is not enabled for free, it can take four hours or more for your Tradovate account to be fully activated and enabling TradingView for free. It is included in your Tradovate subscription with us.


3.  Log out and back in to Tradovate for the activation to take effect.


4. Next, go to and sign up or log into your TradingView account.  Once the charts come up, click on the Trading Panel tab in the lower frame, then click on Tradovate.


5. Move your mouse over the Tradovate icon and click the connect button.

Select Tradovate and log in to your Tradovate account. 



6. Click on the Demo button. Next, use the Tradovate Username and Password found on the Apex Trader Funding Trader Dashboard. Then click Connect.



7.  Once you click connect, if all of the information has been filled in correctly, you will see something like this in your Trading Panel.


If you see the "Tradovate" icon and see your accounts in the account dropdown, you have successfully connected to TradingView.  For further help to set up charts and indicators in TradingView, contact TradingView Support.

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