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Why Is My Data Not Live on Tradovate?

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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Complete the following steps to troubleshoot the lack of live data on Tradovate.

After receiving your Tradovate login credentials, please log in HERE.

Before proceeding or attempting to connect to anything, make sure to sign the Non-Professional and other documents.

Completing this step first is necessary to avoid delaying the data. Moreover, you can expect a monthly data cost of over $115.

Please note that the data activation process can vary in duration, ranging from 10 to 90 minutes, based on user demand. This only applies to the first time you sign up. 

Wait at least 90 minutes after signing the data agreements before submitting a help desk ticket about data not being live.

Your instruments will turn orange if you cannot access live market data. This signifies that your data is being delayed.


before live market data has been enabled.

It can lead to big losses!!!!!




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