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Set Up and Connection Guide for NinjaTrader and Rithmic

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Do you want to set up Tradovate with NinjaTrader? Click the link for Tradovate's Guide.



If you are an existing customer with our version of Rithmic RTrader Pro already set up and connecting, skip to the next section, "NinjaTrader Set up."

If you are a new customer and have just purchased your first Rithmic account(s) from Apex Trader Funding,  please follow these instructions BEFORE going through the NinjaTrader setup.

If you are setting up a Tradovate account on NinjaTrader, Please go here >> How to Set up NinjaTrader 8.1 + With Tradovate Accounts

If you have ANY other version of RTrader on your computer, you must uninstall it and the folder, as shown HERE.

Download and install Our Rithmic RTrader Pro  here 

Copy and paste your Rithmic username and password. Be careful not to accidentally duplicate a space.


Rithmic RTrader Pro Settings

  •  Open your RTrader Pro application
  •  Make sure Market Data is OFF (this will grey out the bottom section)
  •  Leave selective mode turned OFF.
  •  Copy and paste your Rithmic ID and password with no accidental spaces.
  •  Your Rithmic ID and password, as well as your NinjaTrader License key, are stored on our website login on the left sidebar under NT8 Setup and Key > Rithmic
  •  Choose System: APEX.
  •  Choose Gateway: Chicago Area.
  •  Click LOGIN and sign the two (2) agreements for ALL NEW USERS upon first login in RTrader Pro. 


  • These are mandatory. Please Select NON-PROFESSIONAL When prompted.


NinjaTrader Set up

Please note: If you see this dialog box when launching NinjaTrader, you are on an older version.

If you are using this older version 8.0, always click Skip.

Now please, for NinjaTrader 8.1+ setup

1.  Go To and click Open Account

Fill out your email. You will get a link in your inbox to activate a NinjaTrader online account.
Once you click the email in your inbox, the system will prompt you to create a username and password.

Please do not use Sign in with Google or Apple! You must input your own email to get the link to continue the setup.

*Please make sure you do NOT have any AD or Pop Up blockers on. Try different browsers if you are still having issues.



2. A screen asking you to confirm your email address will appear.


3. Check your email for the confirmation request. Then select Confirm Email Address.


4. Please create a Username and Password. Read and agree with the required documents.

Then select Create User. Make sure to save your username and password where you can copy/paste it later when accessing the desktop application.


5. You will then be directed to the Get Started page. Please click on Try risk-free simulated trading.

Then Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Phone.

Next, please click Continue to go to the NinjaTrader Dashboard.

If Choose Your Platform appears, simply X out of that screen:


6. Now that you are on the NinjaTrader online Dashboard, click the top right ICON and select Settings.

Next, click on Plans > Import a License Key.


Copy and Paste our Rithmic License key. Here it is for reference ( @APE-XTRA-DERF-UNDI-183T-PR45-LW27-63GE ). Find the license key on the main menu when you log in to your account under NT Setup and Key > Rithmic

Now, paste the NinjaTrader License Key and click Import on Ninja Traders website.

You should get a "License key was imported successfully" message.
If you do not get this message, you will need to contact NinjaTrader support or create a new account, then repeat this set up to get the successful license key import.


Now that you have the successful import, click on the Download button on the bottom left.


Then, download the Most Recent Release of NinjaTrader.


While this is downloading, please click on the top right ICON and select settings:


Next, click on Preferences > and select Numeric.

Please Note:



7. Now that NinjaTrader is installed, open NinjaTrader and enter the username and password you created for your account.

Each time you start NinjaTrader, you will need to enter the Username and Password you signed up with NinjaTrader, then click Log In.  



8.  NinjaTrader will start up. After this, you will see the NinjaTrader Console.

NOTE: If you see Live or Simulation dialog box, always select Simulation, as our accounts only run in simulation mode. Live is if you have your own funds with Ninja directly.


Please go to the Tools > Options > General and verify that the Multi-provider box is CHECKED. Click
Apply > OK.

9. Restart Ninja

This will allow you to simultaneously connect to your My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage with NinjaTrader Brokerage, using your personal account, if you have one. You will need to make sure you have a connection setup for both.

Now, click on Connections > configure, in order to set up your My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage Connection.

Click Connections > configure, and set up this screen:


This below is Connection settings are an example for Rithmic accounts


Next, click on "My Rithmic for NinjaTrader" Brokerage to connect to your Apex accounts.


You are now connected to the Apex Rithmic Accounts to trade!


NOTE:  If this was an upgrade to an existing NinjaTrader install, open the Connections menu item and verify all of your connections are there.  If you do not see the option to create new connections in the Connections menu items, following these notes will fix that.


Critical: OCO (One Cancels Other) orders for Rithmic are locally simulated on your PC. This means that NinjaTrader must be connected to your broker in order for the OCO capability to function. If you are disconnected and one of the OCO orders is filled, the other WILL NOT be automatically cancelled.

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