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Level 2 Data and Other Add on Subscriptions for Tradovate

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Thinking about Level 2 data or other add-on subscriptions for Tradovate?

Read on for information about the additional subscriptions!

  • Regardless of when you sign up, all subscription plans run from the first day to the last day of the month.
  • Add-on purchases and cancelations can only be done through Tradovate.
  • NinjaTrader/Tradovate handles the management and cancellation of these subscriptions, not Apex Trader Funding.
  • They will NOT work for Rithmic accounts.
  • As of March 13, 2024, Apex Trader Funding will no longer offer ICE US subscriptions.


Depth of Market (Level 2)

$23 per month*


CME Bundle (Available in bundle only/NO single exchange options)

Depth of Market (Level 2)

$41 per month*


*plus $2 processing fee



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