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Tradovate Desktop, Web, and Mobile Platform Limitations

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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Limitations include:

  • The maximum number of contracts per order is 1000. If you trade in groups, the total number of contracts across all accounts cannot exceed 1000 for the order.
  • In a 60-minute timeframe, users can only initiate up to 5000 unique actions. Placing, modifying, and canceling orders are each separate actions.
  • When trading with groups, every trade on each account is seen as a separate action. Placing an order on 20 accounts will be counted as 20 distinct actions. Once you've reached this limit, no actions can be taken.
  • Please contact Tradovate Support at with the  subject line “Apex account - Request Limit Reset”. Please provide your Tradovate username and specify the accounts that require flattening. In addition, you have the option to contact them via phone or chat by going to
  • 3) A limit of five accounts visible on the mobile platform.


DISCLAIMER NOTE: This is a Tradovate rule and is in the disclaimers you agreed to when you signed up. Violating this limit and losing your account will NOT result in a free reset or balance change or account restoration.

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