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If you are getting an error message when trying to pay "AVS Mismatch"

Make sure to send a ticket to the Help Desk:

ADD YOUR ADDRESS that matches
the address on the Credit Card.

The addresses need to match.
The Team will make the changes for you.



***INFO ABOUT 10-99's and Tax Documents?    CLICK HERE




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Updates 4/01/2024

If you get a message that your Tradovate License key has expired, do not worry. The Tradovate License key no longer needs to be imported into NinjaTrader.

You must, however, use NinjaTrader 8.1 to use Tradovate accounts on Ninja.
If you are only using Rithmic and Ninja, you can disregard this message.
This applies to Tradovate on Ninja.
Or if you have both Rithmic, Tradovate and you use Ninja.

Please follow this video guide on how to set up Ninja:

Rithmic/Tradovate do not process any resets, PA's or new accounts over the weekend as they do a lot of backend work on their platforms.

If you don't see your new account or you can't login, please try again after the market opens at 6pm EST Sunday evening.

Apex Easter Sale:
EXTENDED For Easter Holiday! 80% Off and only One Day To Pass!

Apex Trader Funding 80% Off any Size Evaluations - use your normal coupon code from the person that referred you to Apex or use code "SAVENOW" at checkout for 80% Off

One Day To Pass!!! Pass an Eval and convert into a PA Account in just one trading day!

ALSO- Half Priced Resets! Offer EXTENDED Until Tuesday Evening April 2nd at 4:59 PM ET EASTER

THURSDAY: Markets will close on Thursday at normal time at 5 PM ET but WILL NOT reopen at 6 PM ET.

Markets will NOT be available to trade Thursday night FRIDAY: Markets will be CLOSED on Friday SUNDAY: Markets will Reopen Sunday at 6PM ET normal time



  • Accounts must be traded DURING the active promotion.
  • Even if your account has already hit its profit target before the promotion, a little flip (one contract, micro) during the promotion is all it takes to qualify.
  • Don't worry if you've purchased an account prior to the promotion – you're still eligible to enjoy our deal!
  • Once the promotion ends, EVERY account that did not meet the profit goal DURING the promotion will once again require 7 days traded!
  • For accounts that achieved "PASSED" status during the promotion and are then traded on AFTER the promotion ends, the standard 7-day requirement will apply once again.


Use discount code SAVENOW

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 is a fake crypto page. DO NOT click on it! We offer futures trading NOT crypto currency!

Apex officially changed domain to

You can still use

but you will be redirected to the new domain.


Payout Queries and Issues

If you're waiting on a payout or need to set up an international payout option, click below for recent updates and procedures:


Missing Your PA Account?

Did you make sure you signed the PA agreement in the signatures tab of your Apex Dashboard? 


Need More Help?

If your question is not covered above, please click below for more support:

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