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Introduction to our New Payout System

Apex has introduced new payout systems for Referring Affiliates and Performance Account Contractors. It's crucial to update your payout method and ensure the accuracy of all provided information, particularly for ACH payments to U.S. bank accounts.

Note: Apex has discontinued using Wise and DEEL for payouts.

 Important Reminders

  • Apex cannot assist with any inquiries using any other payment services providers, except the provider who services our International payouts.
  • Ensure you have filled out the entire payout form correctly. Incorrect information may delay or prevent your payout. 
  • Be aware of the distinction between Wire Transfer and ACH routing numbers, and use the correct ACH routing number.

Have a company and want to request a payout? Fill out the form like this:

First Name:  Full Company Name

Last Name:  Company    (Enter the word "Company", not your company's name again so you can receive payment.)


Important Update for Non-US Traders

Attention: If you have changed your status to INTERNATIONAL, we will send you an invitation email before processing your payment (Trader or Affiliate). You will NOT necessarily receive an email when you change your payment type to International.

You will NOT receive an invitation email as soon as your payment is APPROVED. It will come after the request period closes, but before payments are sent out.

For example: Say we are in the first pay cycle of the month.  Payment requests are open from the 1st-5th of month.  Account review and approvals take place throughout the request period and can take until the 14th of the month to be completed for the first pay cycle.  You will receive an invitation email some time during the processing period. 

DO NOT SUBMIT A HELP DESK TICKET asking why you have not received an invitation as soon as you updated your pay method or when your payment request was approved.

Invitation emails can be sent out at any time during the processing period. The important thing is to set your payment type to International if your address country is not the United States.


As of November 14, 2023, all non-U.S. traders and affiliates are STRONGLY encouraged to switch their payout method to the INTERNATIONAL OPTION. This change is essential to avoid delays in payout processing.  By opting for another payment service provider, you recognize the potential for significant payment delays.


Action Required

  • Immediately switch to the INTERNATIONAL OPTION for payouts.


Payout Schedule and Address Updates

Payout schedules for PA Account Holders (here) and Affiliates (here) are available on Apex's website. Update your payout method by specific dates each month to ensure timely payouts. If you need to update your address, submit a ticket with your complete address to the Help Desk.



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