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For general information on the affiliate program, click ATF Affiliate Program.

This information is also available on Apex Trader Funding's Home Page. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Find the AFFILIATES link under RESOURCES. 




What is the Affiliate Commission Payout Schedule?

For Apex Referring Affiliates:

Commission reports for Affiliates occur on the first and fifteenth days of every month. This includes commissions earned during the previous two weeks. Payouts for the previous time period happen on the fifteenth and at the end of the month.  

Example: Commissions from August 15-31 will show up on the report generated on September 1. We will make the payment on September 15.


We will send out payments by the 15th of the month. However, they may take 3-7 BUSINESS days to reach your bank account.

*** Please DO NOT submit a ticket asking where your funds are until 7 BUSINESS days after they have been released. It can take an additional 3-7 business days to see the credit reflected in your account depending on your institution.***


Minimum payout balance is $100. If your commission for the month is less than $100, it will carry over into future months until the payout minimum balance reaches $100. This includes the total of all your previous commissions. Total payout due must equal $100 for a payout to generate.

For example, if your commission in June is $30, a report generated on July 1 won't display a payout because it is below $100. There won't be any payout on July 15.

But, in July, you made $80 in commissions. Now the running total would be $110. The report generated on August 1 will include this information, and a payment of $110 will be made on August 15. 


Affiliate commissions work the same for Tradovate and Rithmic plans.

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