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Evaluation Accounts: Some Common Questions

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1. What is the age requirement for having an evaluation and a paid/funded account?

You must be 18 years old or older.


2. Do Sundays and holidays count as trading days?

Sundays count as part of Monday. You can trade on holidays if the market is open. However, half day holidays DO NOT count as a trading day. A trading day is from 6 PM ET one day until 4:59 PM ET the next day.


3.  What is the difference between Static and Full Accounts?

Static accounts do not trail the trailing threshold. Full accounts trail the trailing threshold. Full accounts allow larger contracts and a larger stop.


4.  Can I sign up today and start 10 days later?

Yes. But remember, your monthly billing starts the day you sign up.


5.  Do I continue training the way I am now, or do I have to trade another way?

Continue to trade the way you are now. Be sure all of your trades are closed by 4:59 PM ET.


6. Do I Have To Complete the Evaluation in a Certain Amount of Days?

You will need to log seven trading days as part of the criteria to pass the evaluation. However, you can take as much time as you need to pass. 


7.  Do I have to use my own NinjaTrader license key?

You can, but you don’t have to, since we provide you with a key.


8.  Seven trading days is the minimum for the profit target. What is the maximum?

There is no maximum. You can take as long as you need to qualify. Also, you can reset the account as many times as you need. To qualify, you must trade 7 separate trading days, meet the profit goal, follow the rules and show consistent trading ability.


9. What is the difference between “non-professional” and “professional”?

Since most traders are Non-Professional, your data fees are included. By choosing Professional, you will incur an extra fees. For CME professional data, fees will be $115 or more per calendar month, per exchange. Other exchange fees may also apply. These fees are in addition to any other fees. With this knowledge, DO NOT choose Professional when you open Rithmic the first time, unless you truly are a Professional Trader.


10.  Who gets the Margin Call if it happens?

Not you! You receive no margin calls!


11.  Is the Profit Goal Net of Commissions After All In Costs? (Profits and Losses)

Yes, that's correct!

See current, real time, Profit and Loss (PnL) and account balances in RTrader or the Tradovate web app.

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