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Common Billing Questions

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1.  How much is the initial fee?


It depends on the plan you choose. Please see the fees listed on the Apex Trader Funding website. Scroll down on the homepage to see Rithmic plans and Tradovate plans.


2.  I forgot to use the coupon code! What can I do?


You MUST enter the Coupon at the time of checkout. Verify your price before checkout to ensure it reflects the coupon discount BEFORE submitting your order! If you forget to use a coupon, there is no way for us to adjust or change the product, or the amount charged. Watch the short video for more information.

3.  I was charged for a renewal. Why is my balance not reset?


The balance is only reset at the time of the monthly renewal. 

The account must be in a failed state at the time of renewal to be reset for free.


4.  When am I billed each month?


You are billed on the day you subscribe and every 30 days thereafter. To see your billing date, log in to your Apex Trader Funding dashboard.


5.  Am I billed monthly for each Paid/Funded account?


Yes, each paid/funded account receives its own separate bill. For example, if you have three paid/funded accounts, you will receive three bills.

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