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To be successful at trading, you need great tools!


We trust only one name when it comes to computers for trading – Eddie Z at EZ Trading Computers.

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Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to trading computers:


Q: What is a trading computer?

A: A trading computer is a very fast and superior piece of technology designed to maximize a trader's ability to interface with the markets and make decisions in real-time. Key qualities of a great trading computer include speed, reliability, after-the-sale support, and multiple monitor support.  Want to learn more about trading computers? Get Eddie Z's Complete Guide to Trading Computers.

Q: Why do traders need a special computer for trading?

A: Traders need a special computer to avoid "slippage," which occurs when the price at which an order is filled is different from the expected price. Slippage generally happens because mass-manufactured, lower-end computers cannot display price information in real-time, causing delays and inaccuracies. Slippage can cost traders a fortune! Learn more about how to avoid slippage in this guide.

Q: What are the key components to consider when building a trading computer?

A: The key components include the processor (CPU), motherboard, memory (RAM), hard drive, graphics cards, and multiple monitors. Each component must be high-quality and capable of handling the demands of trading software and real-time data processing. Learn exactly what you need in this guide.

Q: How do I know if my computer is powerful enough to use for trading?

A: Think of your computer's processor as the engine of a car. If the engine isn't powerful enough, you'll struggle to keep up with traffic on the data highway, leading to significant issues that could cost you money. To ensure your processor has sufficient "horsepower," you should look at its CPU benchmark score. This score will give you an idea of how well your processor can handle the demands of trading. You can learn more here.

Q: What is the minimum CPU benchmark score recommended for trading computers?

A: The minimum CPU benchmark score recommended for trading computers is 25,000. This ensures the computer can handle the massive volume of real-time data points and information that trading software processes. You can learn how and get your computer's benchmark score here.

Q: How much memory (RAM) is recommended for trading computers?

A: The absolute minimum RAM for traders is 16 GB, but it is recommended to have anywhere from 16 GB to 128 GB to ensure smooth operation of multiple applications. For running more than one trading application, at least 32 GB of RAM is advised. Get this guide to figure out how much memory you have in your computer.

Q: Why are multiple monitors important for traders?

A: Multiple monitors allow traders to multi-task efficiently with minimal clicks and keystrokes. This setup enables traders to keep various applications and charts open simultaneously, improving overall productivity and visibility.

Q: What type of hard drive is recommended for trading computers?

A: Solid State Drives (SSDs) are recommended for trading computers because they are faster, more reliable, and have no moving parts compared to traditional magnetic hard drives. NVME M.2 SSDs are the latest and fastest SSDs available.

Q: What is the importance of warranty and technical support for trading computers?

A: Having a good warranty and premium-level technical support is crucial for trading computers. This ensures reliability, quick resolution of technical issues, and minimizes downtime, which is essential for traders. We highly recommend getting your desktop trading computer or your laptop from EZ Trading Computers.  Eddie put together a free Buyer’s Guide that explains everything you need to optimize your setup. You can get it here.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a trading computer?

A: Common mistakes include using an outdated CPU with a benchmark score under 25,000, relying solely on a laptop for trading, buying mass-manufactured computers from retail stores, not having backup systems, insufficient processing power and RAM, inadequate technical support and warranty, and overpaying for an underpowered trading computer.

Q: Who can traders contact for purchasing a high-quality trading computer?

A: Traders can contact EZ Trading Computers for customized and optimized trading computers with the best components, warranty, and technical support. Eddie Z, CEO of EZ Trading Computers, and Darrell Martin, CEO of Apex Trader Funding, have collaborated to give Apex Traders exclusive pricing. Simply get The Complete Guide to Trading Computers here and once you opt-in, you will be redirected to this exclusive offer.  

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