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Apex Trader Funding has two types of accounts:  Member Accounts and Trading Accounts.

Member Accounts

Member accounts are what you create when you first sign up to purchase a subscription or become an Affiliate (or both).

You are allowed to create ONE, and only ONE MEMBER account for your personal use.  When you log in to the Apex Trader Funding website, this is the account you are in.  You'll find the trader dashboard and affiliate information here.  This is where you will purchase evaluations, pay for PA accounts, find Affiliate links and many other things.

In some circumstances, a person may trade through a company entity that they own.  A member account may also be created for that entity.  You will provide the EIN number for that business when you complete your PA documents or pay method.   Be prepared to provide business organization documents, if asked to do so.  It is allowable for you to have one personal member account and one business account.

The member account is the information you would usually provide when requested. This is either your username or the email address you signed up with.

If we find you have created multiple personal or business member accounts (more than the one personal and one business), we will close (ban) any extra accounts until there is only one left (or one personal and one business).  Any profit or affiliate commissions from closed accounts will be forfeited.  It will not be transferred or refunded.

To reiterate, Apex Trader Funding's policy on multiple personal and business accounts is that you may have ONE personal and ONE business member account and be in compliance with our policy.  Anything outside of this is a violation of this policy.

Trading Accounts

Trading accounts are what you buy, pay a subscription for, cancel, perform resets on, or choose in your trading platform to place your trades in.  These are the accounts you see your profits and losses in when you place a trade.  They will start with APEX- or PA-APEX.  They may be Rithmic or Tradovate accounts. 

You will find the login information for these accounts within your member account. You may have many of these accounts, either evaluations or PAs.

Normally, you wouldn't provide these account numbers unless asked or if you have a question about a specific trading account.  If you provide one of your trading account numbers, also include one of the member account number identifiers (signup, username, or email).

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