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Resetting An Evaluation Account Upon Monthly Auto Renewal at No Additional Charge

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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If you have broken a rule of the Evaluation, such as reaching the drawdown threshold (max loss), and you cannot trade your account anymore, you will get an error of "Trades Can only Be Placed By Administrator."

If you desire to continue trading your evaluation account within your subscription period, you can purchase a reset. This will let you start fresh, with full balance, full trailing drawdown, and zero days traded.

You can purchase a reset in the members' area HERE to reset an account. Choose Reset next to the account you wish to reset.

Close all positions before resetting.

Resets usually are processed within 10 minutes, but sometimes take longer to process. 

Be aware: Resets do NOT change your renewal/expiration date! 








If you failed your evaluation account and you forgot to cancel, auto billing will charge your account the subscription fee. This happens after midnight on the renewal date. Your account will be reset so it can be traded again. You will not be charged a reset fee.  

1) Account must be in failed status as of close of market prior to the renewal to be eligible for the free reset on renewal.
2) The account must renew the monthly fee. There is no free reset until the monthly fee is charged.
3) It will reset automatically.

4) You do not have to wait for your renewal. You can choose to reset manually before the renewal and pay the $80/$100 fee. Or, you can choose to cancel the account and sign up for a new one, so you do not waste time on getting funded. 


There are no refunds on resets.

This is not retroactive.

If you forget and reset your account, there are no refunds.

This only applies to Evaluation accounts.

If you blow the account after the reset, even immediately after, we do not reset it for free.

If you have an active account, then blow it and reset it, we do not reset it again, unless it renews in a blown status.

To reset it faster, you must reset it as normal. The charge is $80 for Rithmic accounts / $100 for Tradovate accounts.

You can also choose to cancel your account and sign up for a new one to reset the balance, thus having a new account.


The main purpose of this policy is to address traders who forget that they can cancel their account and sign up for a new one with the discount promo, for as long as it is available. Then, they are stuck having to pay for a renewal and reset. This makes it so they don't have to pay for a reset on the renewal.


You can reset your accounts as many times as you need. There is no penalty for resetting!

A reset only impacts your drawdown, initial balance, and accumulated trading days. The renewal date for your account will remain unchanged, as it falls exactly 30 days from the last billing.


Step-by-step Instructions

Login to your members' area to purchase new accounts or reset accounts at


Click on Plan Signup to choose another plan. Click on Reset next to the account you wish to reset. This will cause the balance to be reset.

Simply log in to the members area and click on Reset next to the account you wish to reset. This will reset the balance, not the 30-day cycle. This will start your seven (7) trading days over and reset your balance.

Make sure to choose the right account!


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