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What Are the Consistency Rules for Evaluation Accounts?

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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The only way you can fail an evaluation account is if you hit your trailing max drawdown threshold or break one of the other rules listed here: CLICK HERE

There are no consistency rules for evaluations.



APEX has changed the 4:59pm EST rule. We will cancel open positions and pending orders attached to a position. You must STILL cancel orders that are not attached to a position or they WILL remain and liquidate the account. Markets requiring an earlier closure are not affected by that rule change. They must still be canceled manually on every trader's end.


We have very generous consistency guidelines in evaluations.

However, it would serve you well to have a trading plan.

Trading 1, then 4, then all in, is not a good way to establish consistency. Being consistent in your trading will help you be successful in the long term. Traders who randomly change sizes, go all in, or try to "get lucky," do not have the type of traits a trader needs. 

Note: We are looking only for traders in PAs and Funded accounts who trade a consistent plan with consistent size and can steadily grow their account. See the PA Consistency Rules here: CLICK HERE.

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