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Limit Up/Down Moves and Erratic Markets

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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Erratic Markets may occur while you are trading. Follow this advice to be prepared when they happen.

Do NOT be in a trade near a limit up or down move.

Check daily price limits during your trading day. You don't want to leave any trades hanging when a price limit halt occurs.

Check the daily price level limits at this link. 

Price limits are the maximum permitted range for a futures contract. This information is available during each trading session.

Rithmic's performance may not be satisfactory, leading to potential trade losses. Your account would be disqualified because of this.

Again, do NOT be in a trade NEAR a limit level.


Be careful during erratic movements that may happen during flash crashes, or Fed news, etc.

There may be lag on the platform or data.

Apex is not responsible for data, software issues, glitches, trader hardware, or accidents by traders. We have no recourse to recover these losses. If you hit the threshold during one of these times, it will fail your evaluation.


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