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I Can’t Log in to RTrader

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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If you're having trouble logging in to RTrader, try the following suggestions:


Be sure to only use the APEX VERSION of RTrader!

Delete any other versions of RTrader from your computer, as shown here: CLICK HERE

Make sure you are not using your website login.

You MUST use the RTrader Login and password sent to you. 


Have you been able to log in before?

If so, please check for user error on username or password, such as any typos, extra spaces, etc.

Try copying and pasting your username and password instead of typing them.


What is your expiration?

Check in your members' area at If your account expired with no active accounts, then you cannot login. Just sign up for a new account.


Ensure your address and zip code are accurate in your profile. If they are not, the account will not be created.

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