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How Do Other Funding Companies Compete With This?

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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Compare what Apex Trader Funding offers with what other funding companies offer.

  • 100% of the first $25,000 (Most other companies pay less.)
  • 90% payout after the first $25,000 (We don’t know anyone who pays out 90%.)
  • One simple step: Seven (7) days to pass an evaluation. (Some companies require multiple steps.)
  • Only seven (7) days minimum to pass an evaluation. (Most require more days.)
  • Trade up to 20 accounts max. (Most companies limit you to one or two.)
  • No scaling (You can trade with up to full contracts and you don’t fail for going over.)
  • No daily drawdown to worry about (Note: Some companies offer EOD drawdown but have daily drawdowns and scaling. They lure you with faster payouts, but they also make it easier to fail.)
  • No minimum trading requirements. You don't have to trade every day, or every week.  (Other companies require consecutive trading days or at least you must trade once per week.)
  • No minimum profit requirements daily or weekly, just an overall goal.  (Some require a certain profit daily, or it doesn't count as a trading day. Others require you to a certain amount each week)
  • More contracts per plan. Our plans let you trade more contracts than any other company we are aware of.
  • Lower cost. Our plans have a lower cost on a regular basis. Most other funding companies have higher costs.)
  • Free NinjaTrader Key. (Some companies expect you to buy your own.)

–Note: You can use your own key to trade your own account plus a funded or multiple funded accounts.


With Apex Trader Funding, you can:

  • Trade on holidays.
  • Trade during the news - use your normal Trading Strategy. We do not allow news trading strategies, news directional, or multi-directional news trades of any kind. We prohibit these activities. 
  • Unlimited DOM and two (2) logins option.
  • Real-Time data, non-professional, is included. (Some companies require you to pay for data.)
  • Trade on 20+ platforms. NinjaTrader is our preferred platform. It is the only platform for which we provide technical support. 
  • Allow scalping. (Some companies require entries and exits must be 10 seconds apart.)
  • No lifetime maximum cap on how much you can withdraw. (Some companies have a maximum lifetime withdrawal amount.)

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