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Register as a Business. Trade Out of an LLC. Change a Name.

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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It's possible to trade out of an LLC and register your account as a business, but you need to select this option during the sign-up for your evaluation account.

  • A personal account CANNOT be changed to an LLC account.
  • You must sign up for the evaluation with the LLC for the funded account to be under the LLC.
  • You CANNOT change the registered name for your paid/funded Account.
  • You CANNOT change the name on your account once you register. Make sure you register using the correct name.

When signing up as a business or LLC, fill in the blanks for first and last name as follows: 

First Name: Full Entity Name

Last Name: Your Full Name

Address and phone number need to match your business information



Being classified as a "professional" may result in additional exchange fees for you or your entity. For example, fees will be at least $115 per month for just CME professional data. Other additional exchange fees may apply.

Please thoroughly read the terms to see if you qualify as a professional or as a non-professional trader status. Most traders/LLCs are not professional traders.

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