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How Many Paid/Funded Accounts Am I Allowed to Have?

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What is the limit on trading accounts that I can have between me, someone in my house, a company I own, on Tradovate and Rithmic?


The total limit is 20 active PA accounts across all people in the same house, companies, and connections, whether the accounts are with Rithmic or Tradovate.


For example, you have an LLC with 5 PA accounts, your personal Rithmic account has 3 PAs, your personal Tradovate account has 4 PAs, your wife/husband/significant other can have up to 8 accounts. This totals 20 PA accounts in the same household. 


You CANNOT exceed a total of 20 active PA accounts.

If you have more than 20 PA accounts, you won't get paid and they will be forfeited. 


There are no limits to Evaluation accounts.



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