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Evaluation Passed. Profit Target Hit. Traded Seven Days. Now What?

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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Once you pass your evaluation, there is nothing you need to do.

DO NOT CANCEL your passed evaluation account!

After the seventh day,  and within TWO Business days, watch your email for the contract and payment link.

  1. In your Eval Charts tab, verify that you have seven trading days and have met your account balance. You may not see an update until day eight.  
  2. Stop trading that account. If the account balance dips below the Profit Target Goal, the account is no longer "Passed."
  3. You will receive an email from us within two (2) business days. The email will include a link to pay for your PA, cancel your evaluation account, and sign the contract for a PA.
  4. This is an automated process. The system will see that you have completed the seven days of trading, met the goal, and will start the process on the eighth day. 
  5. Submitting a help desk ticket is unnecessary, since this is an automatic process. A Help Desk ticket will not speed up the process and no additional information is available from the Help Desk. If you have not received the emails for the contract or the payment link by Day 10, then please submit a help desk ticket.
  6. Upon signing the contract and making the payment through your link, you'll get an email notification stating that your PA is ready for trading. Log in using the same process, username, and password. This will allow your PA to work like your Eval did, for trading and connecting. You will not need to adjust to anything new.  


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