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Connection Issues and Troubleshooting - RTrader/Rithmic

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If you are having issues connecting to RTrader or Rithmic in NinjaTrader, please follow the steps below. These are the only troubleshooting steps available and will fix any issues you may have.

The Help Desk and Live Chat cannot provide any additional steps beyond these. Take your time and meticulously go through them, one by one. That will solve your issue. With these steps, you'll be up and running in no time, without any delays.

  • To ensure a smooth data connection, download and install RTrader, login, and accept both sets of agreement terms.
  • Make sure to follow these top troubleshooting steps for connection issues in both RTrader and NinjaTrader.


Proper username and password

System: Apex

Gateway: Chicago Area

Then, log in and agree to the two terms of use.


If you continue to experience connection problems, try closing RTrader and clearing NinjaTrader's cache. If applicable, clear cache from browsers, restart computer, and RTrader.


Do not attempt to set up anything in NinjaTrader until you have completed the steps for RTrader, agreed to the terms of use, and reviewed the disclosures.

Input the Apex NinjaTrader License Key into your NinjaTrader, unless you already have your own live license key, and not one provided by another funding company.

This will help reduce any further issues.

To find the License Key, check your welcome email or log in to the members' area on the website. Check the following to locate your license key: Under NT > HELP? > License Key

Set Up Connection:

Please ensure that you enter your Rithmic Username and Password precisely and with no additional spaces.

Under System, choose from dropdown:  Apex

Hit OK and Apply.

For complete walk-through and information, check out the following posts:

NinjaTrader to Connection Guide

NinjaTrader to


No additional Troubleshooting Steps are available on the Apex Trader Funding Help Desk or Live Chat. If you submit a ticket or chat, these are the steps that they will respond with, as these are the steps to set up.

The only additional steps to take are to uninstall and reinstall RTrader and NinjaTrader8, then follow these steps one by one. Please carefully review these steps and the step by step set up in your members' area to assure proper set up.





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