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Why Would I Want to Trade Multiple Evaluation Accounts? (Master Course)

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Why should I consider having multiple accounts?


How Do I Purchase Multiple Accounts?



Many traders choose to trade Multiple Evaluation Accounts or Funded Accounts simultaneously and use the Trade Copier. This can spread out risk between multiple accounts. Mentally spreading a loss between multiple accounts can be helpful to most traders. 

Do you want to use the Trade Copier to trade in multiple accounts at one time: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE   


This is Not a tool of Apex Trader Funding is not supported by Apex Trader Funding or the Help Desk. If you decide to use any tools listed on the "Tools" page, please inquire directly with the Vendor for any questions concerning support.

Apex Trader Funding is not the owner, creator, or developer of these tools and cannot support them, answer questions about them, or make any adjustments to your accounts because of the use of the tools.

Apex Trader Funding is not responsible for performance, usage, tech issues, etc. with use of these tools. 

Being able to trade a large amount of contracts spread out between multiple accounts offers less chance of hitting a trailing threshold drawdown on a single account with max contracts.


  • Yes, you may trade multiple Evaluation accounts at a time under ONE Rithmic user ID.
  • Simply subscribe to another account in your members' area at 
  • They can be different sizes.
  • Only one Rithmic user ID is permitted per person.
  • When you log in to NinjaTrader, it will allow you to choose from multiple accounts.
  • You can have 20 accounts TOTAL. This includes personal within the same household and LLC accounts regardless of address.

    Let's say you have an LLC with 5 PA accounts, your personal account has 10 PAs, and an additional household member can have up to 5 accounts. This totals 20PA accounts in the same household. 


Using multiple email addresses for the same person in order to create multiple Rithmic user IDs, can result in termination with no payout and no refund.


TIP: Want to trade multiple accounts simultaneously? Check out this tool:

NinjaTrader 8 Trade Copier  



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