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What Happens if I Fail a Paid Performance Account?

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If a Paid Performance account is failed, it cannot be reset.

The system will automatically cancel the account and the recurring PA fee.

Verify the account and the PA fee has been canceled by logging in to your members' area. If it has, you won't be charged again. 

After you have done that, start the evaluation process again. Go back and sign up for another evaluation account.

Don't worry! Just because your PA account failed does not mean you can't try again.

Other companies are charging ridiculous high PA reset fees of anywhere between $500 and $1700!

Not Apex! We are giving members discounts on top of our already low fees.

If you fail a PA account, you will receive an email containing a unique code, just for you. You will receive a one month 80% evaluation discount, and 50% off for every recurring month.

This is good for ONE evaluation on any size account. 

Expect your email sometime after 1:00 AM ET the DAY AFTER your PAs are failed. This coupon code MUST be used within SEVEN (7) CALENDAR DAYS after failing the PA. It will expire after seven days and CANNOT be reactivated!


The following short video offers more information.


You can go through the process as many times as you need.

Evaluation accounts can be reset as often as necessary, but PA accounts cannot be reset. 



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