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Major market movements can be triggered by global events. This leads to abnormally high traffic rates from the futures exchanges.

image.pngES graph for reference.


Below are some tips to help your trading screens keep up with these market movements:

  1. Keep the number of your subscribed instruments to a minimum.
  2. Keep the number of visible windows to a minimum.

Actions specific to R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™:

  1. Make sure the Update Time column in the Quote Board matches the clock on your machine. If it is noticeably behind, then you know the data in the app is stale.
  2. When R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™ show yellow lights and/or sound the “Slow Computer” alarm, the rate the computer is receiving data is faster than the computer’s processor can handle.
  3. You can decrease the rate at which data is sent to the computer, or reduce how often R | Trader™ or R | Trader Pro™ updates the screen as shown below:
    1. Subscribe to Aggregated Quotes (at the Login screen, click on the link, Aggregated Quotes); or
    2. In the Window menu of R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™, click on Preferences, and then on the Performance tab. Use the slider to change updates from 10 to 4 and click the Apply button.

For more information, the full advisory can be accessed at the link below:
Rithmic Advisory on Market Movements

Remember! If closing a trade within your trading platform is not possible, access RTrader Pro. Navigate to File > Positions and click the red X next to your trade to close it out.

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