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Can Traders From Any Country Participate?

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Over 100 countries are available to participate in the services offered by Apex Trader Funding!

Why are certain countries not available for new service or no longer available for new or additional accounts?
Several reasons may prevent certain countries from being available for service at this time. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to:

* Countries with certain sanctions.

* Countries that are embargoed.

* To ensure proper service to traders, certain platforms, brokers, Evaluation Funding Companies, or data providers are unable or unwilling to service or open live accounts in specific countries, as this would hinder their ability to provide access to trade live funds.

* Countries with a historical higher level or potential fraud risk including but not limited to: credit card fraud and fraud rings, identity theft, hacking, credit card charge backs, phishing scams, online theft or fraud, wire fraud, financial frauds, etc. This also applies to countries that have limits or restrictions on annual credit card spending abroad, which hinders recurring payments and leads to the use of credit cards not in their name, but instead, using multiple cards in different individuals' names. This is not allowed as each trader must purchase and pay for all accounts with cards in their own name.

* Countries we cannot provide service to and training at the high level of service that Apex strives for. Examples include language barriers, communication, service reps who speak the common language of that country, training materials and videos available in that language.

These issues prevent us from providing the high level of education and service to traders that we aspire to. In the future, we plan to expand our service and training departments, convert training materials and videos into other languages, and have ongoing staff support. At that point, some countries from the list below could then be able to be part of the Apex Community. We look forward to that day!


Afghanistan Jordan Republic of Moldova
Algeria Kazakhstan Republic of the Congo
Azerbaijan Kenya Reunion
Bahrain Kosovo Russia
Bangladesh Kuwait Rwanda
Belarus Latvia Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Benin Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Brunei Lesotho Senegal
Burkina Faso Madagascar Serbia
Cameroon Maldives Somalia
Central African Republic Mauritania South Africa
Chad Mauritius Sri Lanka
China Mongolia Tanzania
Congo Morocco Thailand
Côte D'Ivoire Mozambique Togo
Curaçao Namibia Trinidad and Tobago
Cyprus Nepal Tunisia
Egypt New Caledonia Turkey
Gabon Nicaragua Uganda
Grenada Niger Ukraine
Haiti Nigeria Uzbekistan
Indonesia Oman Venezuela
Iran Occupied Palestinian Territory Vietnam
Iraq Pakistan Western Sahara
Jersey Qatar Yemen
Zambia Zimbabwe  


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