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How Much Time Do I Have To Pay for My PA Account?

Darrell Martin
Darrell Martin
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Procedures updated as of October 2023.


Once you pass your evaluation account, you'll have to sign your PA agreements and pay your PA fee. Use the Signatures tab or your Apex Dashboard.

If you passed one day before your rebilling date and fully activate your PA account within 48 hours from the moment your evaluation account passed, we can refund the evaluation renewal fee. To request a refund, please send a help desk ticket.

ONCE YOUR PA IS SET UP, submit a Help Desk ticket with your account number:


APEX-XXXXX-XX (e.g. APEX-12345-67)


Rithmic and Tradovate will verify your passed evaluation account and rebill concurrently. Once we confirm that the account passed a day prior, we can proceed with reverting the rebilling charges. 

Unfortunately, if you pass on the same day as your rebilling, we cannot refund the rebilling charges. 



If your PA account exceeds the 48-hour window for set up, we will not process any refunds for recurring charges that may have occurred on your evaluation account. You have the responsibility to complete your PA setup within 48 hours.

If, for any reason, you cannot make payment for the PA accounts within this 48-hour period, your PASSED evaluation accounts MUST remain active BY PAYING THE MONTHLY RENEWAL FEES until you can complete the PA set up and sign the associated agreement.

Under no circumstances will recurring charges be refunded, and no exceptions will be entertained.


Don't forget, signing the PA agreement is an important and necessary step that must be completed without delay.



Information regarding PA account assignment:

We recommend activating evaluations in numerical order for correct PA fee payment assignments.
Activate passed Evaluation 01 first, then 02, and so on.


Pay for One Time Lifetime PA fees first, and then pay for Monthly PA payments.

Please understand how PA payment assignments are handled by the system. Payments are processed in order from the lowest to the highest account number.  We can't change a payment once it is set up because we get charged fees right away.

EXAMPLE: Let's say you have accounts 01, 02, 03, and 04. You click the link to pay for and activate accounts 03 and 04. Accounts 01 and 02 will be activated first because they were ahead in line, meaning they had a lower account number. This also applies to Monthly or Lifetime PA Fees.

You're free to activate and pay for up to a maximum of 20 PA accounts. Please remember that once they're set up, we can't change or undo them.


Remember: A trading day is 6 PM one day to 4:59 PM the next day.

The system updates overnight and recognizes the previous completed trading day.

For example, after completing seven days of trading and passing the Evaluation, the system will recognize this on the morning of the eighth day. It will start the process of emailing you the paperwork for the PA Account.


You can check your trading days in your member's area under "Account Summary."


Remember, the stats displayed are from the previous day and the website updates every 24 hours.

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